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Thank you for coming to my website, my name Widlinn but you can call me Wiggy. My personality is just as fun as my nickname, I promise. I am a professional makeup artist here in sunny South Florida— Miami to be exact. I was born and raised here in this melting pot and had a chance to work with great people and gain some colorful experiences.


I started my freelance artistry journey in 2012 when I was a freshman in college. I had some daring college and childhood friends and a mentor that would let me practice on their faces. Thank you, guys! It was a hard journey in the beginning but by my sophomore year, one of my college friends hired me to do her makeup for her graduation pictures. I was so happy and nervous but guess what? It came out nice and she loved it. My passion has allowed me to serve many beautiful women for their date nights, holiday parties, birthday parties, and models for photoshoots.


In these 10 blissful years, I had my fair share of clients that sat in my seat asking me to transform them into a celebrity. I just tell them that their beauty is enough, and my job is to enhance not change their appearance. I take pride when a client says to me “OMG! I still look like myself but better.” or “My husband/boyfriend loved my makeup!” That brings me so much joy knowing that people like my type of artistry. I know that was a mouth full, but I just wanted you all to get to know me a little.


I cannot wait to serve you, your models, and/or wedding parties. Please feel free to e-mail me directly if you have any questions.


Stay beautiful!


My first fashion show model.


Shay my first

client from


My friend Alicia and I with Oprah's former Makeup Artist Reggie Wells at the 2018 Orlando Makeup Show.

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Angela my first Bride. #ChicagoBride

My first commercial

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