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Makeup Artistry is Not for the Weak!

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

What every new Makeup Artist needs to know.

When I first started my makeup artistry journey in 2012, no one told me that I would cry once a week for months. I did not want to give up because I am an optimist, but I did take an occasional pause once in a while. Makeup Artistry was like a bad romance that was too intoxicating to stop. Sis! By year one, I was like “GOD something is going to have to give.”. I started watching makeup tutorials for hours every day while balancing work and school. I got a little further with my skills but I still experienced flashback, foundation mismatching, eyelash displacement, and second cousins eyebrows. With all of that, I began to notice that I was doing “Instagram Makeup”. You know overdrawn eyebrows, caked up makeup, over highlighting and contouring.

I’m not saying “Instagram Makeup” is wrong? No, it is a form of makeup style just like editorial, print, runaway, and every category in the makeup industry. So, what I decided to do was focus on the fundamentals by answering…

· What products do I actually need for my kit?

· What is my budget?

· Where can I purchase them?

· What are the products?