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Hey dolls!!!

Congratulations!!! You have decided to obtain your degree. So that means you

are “Ballin’ on a Budget”. That’s okay, I got your back!


      When I was in college—shout out to St. Thomas University, Home of the Bobcats!

I was living on the cheap side and was a penny pincher, which means I had to sacrifice some guilty pleasures to survive. But, one thing that did not change was my ability to look flawless on a budget. I watched hundreds of “How-to” videos on the YouTube so I could save some coins hunty.


      Let me tell you there was definitely a learning curve and not so flawless days. Ultimately, I got over the curve and started to slay especially with my makeup. I thought I was so good enough so I started applying makeup on other people.  There was another learning curve but by the end of my senior year, I got it!


      So, ladies consider Makeup By Wiggy as your learning curve or the friend you never had.  I am here for you during your studies to keep you fabulous on a budget of course.


The “Makeup By Wiggy UniMakeup Program “ is designed for College and

University undergraduate students that need an affordable makeup artist for those special events,

date nights and fancy school functions (Homecoming, Military Ball and etc.).


Member Benefits


As a member, you will have access to the discounted rates and special perks for

a year. Every year you must reapply as a returning student in order to be

apart of the “Makeup By Wiggy UniMake-up Program”.


Qualifications- Must submit Both documents

  • A copy of your most RECENT class schedule.

  • Must have a VALID student I.D.



  • Makeup Application w/lashes 


  • DISCOUNTED Makeup Classes

  • Free make-up items after a certain amount of appointments. 

  • Bring a bestie & both of you get money towards your next school year's make-up plan. 

  • Homecoming, Graduation Pictures and/or Graduation Day make-up applications.


click here for Make-up Plans


10% off your 

make-up application

Student Visitor(s)


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